Innovative web designs that truly push the envelope.

Not every web experience needs to be ground-breaking, visually stunning and full of unexpected surprises. Most of the time, visitors to a website just want to find the information they’re looking for, quickly and easily.

But just as the more outlandish outfits on the fashion catwalks can subtly influence the more wearable clothes found on the high street, it’s worth web designers keeping at least half an eye on the higher end of website creation. Even those that seem overly flashy can still give you inspiration and ideas that you can incorporate, in different ways, into your own designs.

With that in mind, we look back at the designs we feel truly pushed the envelope in 2020. Not only do these sites fulfil the basic job of serving visitors what they’re looking for, in a fuss-free way, they also rethink how a website can look and function, in fresh, inventive and original ways.